We wear two things every day; a watch to keep the time, and a wedding band so that we stay married. We wear them for function not fashion. Solid gold and diamonds were out of the question. A wedding band is important, so we wanted something classic, unique, and represented who we are. 

We love the outdoors. Love to fish, love to hunt, and love to camp. When trying to decide what to make the ring out of, a shotgun barrel immediately came to mind. At first we thought to melt the barrel down and form a new ring from the steel but at that point, it would be just like any other steel ring. We had to figure out a way to cut the ring directly from the barrel without compromising the integrity of it. This severely limited our options on finger sizes. That is where the “insert” came in. The “insert” gives us the opportunity to make the ring in almost every finger size. It also adds a piece of precious metal to the ring, giving it more overall value.


Most jewelry today is made overseas in order to save money on production costs. We wanted to make it a point to keep everything here in the United States regardless of monetary loss. We are based out of Lakeland, FL, where majority of all the work is done.